Dharmadhatu Foundation

"Transforming Self, Transforming World"
" Pioneering Culturally Appropriate Community-based development in Nepal "

Ramesh Tamang - Nepal
Oct 7 2010
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What We Do

DF has coined a new movement, a movement that aims to address the needs of the historically marginalized people of Nepal i.e. Indigenous Peoples, women and Dalit (“Untouchableâ€? or “Crushedâ€?) communities of Hindu caste group as the STRUGGLE AGAINST MARGINALIZATION IN NEPAL (SAMAN). SAMAN literally means equality in Nepali. The strategy of the SAMAN movement focuses on the revival, reformation and reintegration of indigenous knowledge systems and institutions through programs that fall under the acronym “SMILING EYES.â€?  SMILING EYES is an acronym that describes the fields of activities that the DF is engaged by respectfully incorporating indigenous knowledge systems in order to reach its organizational goal: building harmonious and equitable societies with sustainable transformations.

Center for Cultural Dialogue (CCD)
DF proposes to establish cultural resource centers to support the activities of “SMILING EYESâ€? in a given project area called Centers for Cultural Dialogue (CCD). A CCD will serve as a hub to train IP’s, women and Dalits who uphold indigenous knowledge as key to development activities. The CCD will also provide opportunities for dialogue and communication between culture and science, intra- and inter-faith groups and multidisciplinary exchange as a way to promote cultural renaissance in virtually “medievalâ€? Nepalese societies. In sum, CCD’s will provide a physical and conceptual space for educational and entrepreneurial training opportunities, expert advice, information and discussion space to promote public awareness about a particular community’s development to community members, social activists, NGO’s, philanthropists, or anyone engaged in culturally appropriate community development.