Dharmadhatu Foundation

"Transforming Self, Transforming World"
" Pioneering Culturally Appropriate Community-based development in Nepal "

Ramesh Tamang - Nepal
Oct 7 2010
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Is DF a religious organization?
No. Although our name has the word ‚Äúdharma‚Ä? which means ‚Äúreligion‚Ä? in its general sense but dharma in religious philosophical term refers to ‚Äúphenomena‚Ä? or ‚Äútruth‚Ä? hence whatever is perceivable to our five senses i.e. eyes, nose, tongue, skin, ears are dharma and in fact the truth about phenomena is what dharma refers to. The dharmadhatu thus refers to indivisible truth which is unity of wisdom and compassion.

How can I get involved with DF?
You can get involved in three ways: volunteer with us; become our client; and study traditional art with us.